The Arizal, Rabbi Isaac Luri (1534-1572), renowned as the greatest kabbalist of all times!

The Arizal's Kabbalah was on such a high level that he only revealed his Torah's to those elite of the generation. His top talmud was Rabbi Chaim Vital ZTL. The story is told that Reb Chaim was having difficulty grasping the teachings of his mentor. Realizing that Reb Chaim needing a little assistance, his Rebbe took him to Teverya and gave him to drink from the waters of the kinneret. He claimed the waters were that which stemmed from the Well of Miriam dating back to Biblical times. Sure enough when his student returned to the Bais Hamedresh (House of Study), the Torah from his teacher layed before him as an open book. Reb Chaim Vital truly became the top disciple of the Arizal and he spread his teachings all over the world. For most of us, the teachings of the Arizal are far above that which we can grasp. Maybe if someone could bring us to the holy well of Miriam, we too could take in a bit more from the Arizal. It wasn't so simple though as Reb Chaim was already an accepted scholar by the time he met Rabbi Luria. Most dwellers of Safed, do not read the books of the Arizal as they are just too high for them. They do connect themselves to him through visiting the Arizal's Mikvah, Shul and his place of berial. It is a tradition that anyone who immerses in his mikvah will repent completely before leaving this world. The mikvah is known to be freezing cold and the frail at heart grown with pain the first time they experience it. People who live here immerse often feeling the tremmendous light and holiness the Arizal has to offer in the mikvah. Maybe just maybe the Ari's mikvah has a spark of the Well of Miriam?